France Tour 2018

Trip to Normandy France, September 2018 based in the Eden Park Hotel, Pont-l'Évêque, France

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Grand Tour 4 Polio

An amazing road trip across Great Britain and Ireland from 21st – 24th May.

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Fellowship Member of the Year Award


Points will be awarded for Taking Part either as an Entrant or Organiser/Helper in either a Rotary Club or Fellowship Event listed in Italics on the RRAF website as follows:

  • Domestic One Day Rotary Club Car Tours, Shows and other Events  – 1 point
  • As above, put taking part in Events for two or more days – 2 points
  • Domestic Fellowship 1 Day Events – 2 points
  • Domestic Fellowship 2 + Night Events – 3 points
  • Non Domestic Rotary Club/Fellowship Events – 4 points
  • Helping out at RRAF Stands at District , National & International Conferences/Conventions – 2 points
  • Attending RRAF AGM - 3 points (Providing Apologies for Absence - 1 point)
  • Introducing a New Member (effective 1 January 2016) - 3 points



Rotary Club Members wishing to have their Club’s Event shown on our the RRAF web site need to complete the Rotary Club Event/Input Link on the Fellowship web site/Facebook page. Once received the web master will update the Future Events Database and request the Organiser to check that the link works. He will also indicate whether the event will count towards scoring points for the “Fellowship Member of the Year” Award.

Where the Rotary Club does not have a Fellowship Member the Organiser will be invited to join and/or the club will be invited to join.

The Club will also be requested to put an additional line on the Entry Forms requesting whether such entrants are Rotarians or not – and if so which Rotary Club they are a Member of.

The Web Master will then highlight in Italics the forthcoming Rotary Club Events which count towards the “Fellowship FMOTYAward” and request that the organisers advise the Names and Clubs of those Fellowship Members attending,

Furthermore as and when the Membership Administrator receives a jpeg (or similar) Flyer in he will circulate this to all Members

The Web Master/Championship Secretary will maintain a Points Table and update the Points accordingly. Any queries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It will be Members responsibility to check that they have been awarded the correct points. Any Points Claims will should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Depending on the Regional locations of Rotary Club Events the Committee reserve the right to limit the number of Domestic 1 day Events that maybe counted towards the Chamionship.

The Annual Award will be presented at the next AGM following the Calendar Year or other Rotary/Public Event requested by the Winner

Known “Points Counting Events” at the time of issuing these Award Rules are shown on the Next Page


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