France Tour 2018

Trip to Normandy France, September 2018 based in the Eden Park Hotel, Pont-l'Évêque, France

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Grand Tour 4 Polio

An amazing road trip across Great Britain and Ireland from 21st – 24th May.

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GB & I Fellowship

dsc 6309 320x200The GB & I Fellowship covers both the UK and Ireland and consists of over 120 Active Members.  Many of these are organisers of Rotary fund raising events involving vehicles of all sorts

The Fellowship however is an opportunity to share experiences and also provide an opportunity for relaxation with partners and enjoy the benefits of open road motoring.

To further this aim the Fellowship organises at least one 4 night/3 day Tour each year.  For 2015 this will be in Loire Valley in France following a very succesfull Tour in 2014 in North East Englandl.

However for those Rotarians having an interest in Classic & Vintage Vehicles, there is also an opportunity to join up with fellow enthusiasts both in Europe & overseas.  For 2015, ACHAFR in conjuction with their newly formed German Chapter will be organising a Scenic 2/3 Day Tour based at the Chateau Urspelt in Luxembourg.  Although designed for Drivers in Classic and Historic Cars, one of the innovations introduced at theRotary Convention in Portugal is to permit the participation of Rotarians in more modern cars - preferably in keeping with the spirit of the Event.

download buttons1 a GUIDE for USERS of HISTORIC VEHICLES

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